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Analysis Package

Analysis package is very worthy Package for the traders who analyses the commodity market basing on the different aspects like Technical Analysis, Market Research Reports, Economic Data Reports, Global Market news etc., You can Predict Market on your own by this Analysis Package.

Features :

  • Gold Market Trend Line (Effect of Physical Buying & US Dollar)
  • Hourly Market Direction based on Technical & Fundamental Analysis
  • Premium News & Research Reports
  • Daily International Markets Data Reports with Analysis
  • Daily & Weekly Support & Resistance Levels
  • What Next on International Gold
  • Weekly Analysts Report
  • Weekly Tele-Conference Report for Next Week Trend

Free Trial  

  • For Free Trial, give a MisCall to 089 2222 7776

Medium :

  • Msgs will be given via SMS
  • All India GSM & CDMA Networks Covered.

Sample Msgs :

  • Trend Line:
    #Gold Rise(+1.40) due to Weakening Dollar
    #Gold Down(-21.50) due to Predominant Sellers
    #Finally Gold Losses -20.10$
  • Technical & Fundamental Analysis:
    Gold: Strong Buy
    Silver: Buy
    Crude: Sell
  • What Next?
    #If Gold breaks $1679 Target $1686
    #If Silver breaks $30.62 Target $30.95
  • 26 Analysts Survey about Next Week Gold:
    20 Forecast Rise
    03 Said Fall
    03 Member Neutral
  • Analysis : Gold looks higher & resistance $1355 to $1372 & Silver at $22.45 to $23.08
  • nEws: Good manufacturing data from Europe & successful 13-week
    Treasury bills sale from Greece helped euro to return higher.
  • Today’s Economic Data:
    Trade Balance
    Data Positive for Dollar
  • Gold Technical Levels: (Intraday & Weekly)
3 Months Rs.1,900
6 Months Rs.3,600
Yearly Rs.6,000

* Inclusive GST